Pourya Daneshvar ⇌ Front-end Developer, Product Designer, Consultant, Programming Lover

Work Experiences

2016 → Present

Dotin IRAN, Tehran

Front-end Developer, UX Design, UI Design

Dotin is a leading provider of SOA-based multi-channel software products for banks and financial services insitutions. Dotin has vast experience in implementing successful solutions for some of the biggest banks in Iran. We strive to lead in the development of the industry’s most advanced financial technologies. Through our solutions and services, we translate these advanced technologies into value for our customers.


2014 → 2016

Idehgostar Pouyeshgar IRAN, Tehran

UX & Front-end Developer

Idehgostar Pouyeshgar was founded by some elites and managers after many years of research projects in order to advance the scientific and research horizons in the field of information technology in 2003. Over the past decade, IdeaGostar has been making significant advances in software development, software development, and development, and has gained vast experience in the industry. — idehgostar.com

2013 → 2014

Baharnet IRAN, Tehran

Team leader & Front-end Developer

The East-East Information and Communication Technology Company (ICT) has started its activities in the field of information and communication technology since 2007.



Idehgostar Pouyeshgar IRAN, Tehran

UX/UI, Client-Side Web Developer

I developed a project with the aim of register all news websites, I designed and developed its user interfaces. rasaneh-gov.ir

— This website UI has been changed, but find out in web.archive.org


Canon Representative / Lyca CRM

Client-Side Web Development

DA team that have done these two projects, based on SugarCRM, needed standard UI for both of them that should be develop. UIs had been design already.

2006 → 2011

Mavara Banafsh Advertising Agency

UX/UI, Print, Client-Side & Server-Sider Web Developer

Designed and laid-out logos, posters, web banners, business cards, static web pages (First website that I developed as a customer order fannvarco.com ), multi-media CD/DVDs and developed them. Sometimes worked directly with customers to develop concepts and deliver final product on time and within budget. After years I have focused on UX concepts and better UI usability, at the same time I have developed dynamic websites using Wordpress and then Drupal 6 and 7, and after that developed one website using YII Framework and after that I’ve exited of PHP and focused on JS.

College & High School Educations

Bachelors of Software Engineering (2008 → 2012)

IRAN, Tehran, Parand
—— The Azad University of Parand

Associate of Electronic (Dropped Out) (2006 → 2007)

IRAN, Mazandaran
—— Allameh Mohaddes Nouri University

Diploma of Math/Physics (2002 → 2005)

IRAN, Tehran
—— Rahyar High School


Fintech Startup Weekend (As UX Mentor) (8th to 10th March 2017)

IRAN, Tehran
—— Khatam University

Tourism Startup Weekend (As UX Mentor) (December 2016)

IRAN, Tehran
—— The University of Science and Culture

M101JS: MongoDB for Node.js Developers (September 25, 2015)

Online Course
—— MongoDB University
—— Download The Certificate File

LPI Level 1 Training Course (February 2009)

IRAN, Tehran
—— Fanavaran Anisa

Skills Cloud (Based on Software and Technology Skills)

HTML5 CSS3 SASS Typescript NodeJS Go Lang ReactJS Docker Gulp Nginx Git Linux MacOS MongoDB SQLite MYSQL Ant Design Tailwind Bootstrap Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe Indesign jQuery Angular ES6 babel WebPack Sketch CentOS Figma Gimp Principle Apple Keynote Apple Pages Apple Numbers Excel Power Point Word VSCode Textmate Atom Sublime Docker Postman Paw Web Services