Pourya Daneshvar

Product Designer, Consultant, Programming Lover

How is my life going on?

Life is more beautiful than we can see all of it in a . I try too see and understand world beauties by my wanderer energy everyday and every moment. Therefore, I need to travel to each part of the world (physical world or psyche world) to experience those beauties and achive more information about the world to create new things which I need them to live better and joy more. Always, I am excited to show my achievements to people which I know and I'm satisfied with gift my achievements to them. So I'm creazy to find new weird things and develop them to bring them to my life and other people to pleasure more.

What am I doing and I'm gonna to do?

An innovative & enthusiastic Product & UI/UX Designer proficient in creating cross platform apps & experiences. Vast technical expertise combined with strong imaginative skills enables me to ideate better features, solve more problems, give higher attention to details, and design products that deliver an exceptional experience. Involved in the entire design process, from visualizing product features, determining the target audience, visualizing UX flows, creating wireframes and prototypes, and finally designing the UI.


Since the beginning of my journey in the IT industry, I’ve had a clear and focused goal - to learn as much as I can, keep pushing myself, and make things that I can take pride in. Which is why I don’t limit myself as a programmer, designer, or any other resource having a specified skillset. I’ve learnt everything I know on the job, under immense work pressures, and am continuing to do so. From design to front-end coding, product requirements, solve linux web server problems. Where people normally see challenges, I see opportunities.

A self-taught client & server-side developer working on cutting-edge technologies and currently specializing in in single-page web applications. Involved in the entire life cycle of product development, right from designing the solution architecture, selecting the appropriate client & server-side frameworks, assigning weekly sprints and finally writing code for the features I take up myself.

Where do i see myself after a few years?

I have big dreams. It’s that simple. I see all these ideas and potential in me and I just want to try and live upto it. I don’t have a fancy degree or a brand’s recognition on my resume, but I have the desire, the ambition, the right work ethic & the talent to be good in what I do. Ideally, I’d like to be working on a great product and adding value with my creativity, marketing ideas, innovator and technical knowledge. Or I may decide to take the pledge and startup with one of my ideas and try to change the world, one step at a time.