Pourya Daneshvar

Front-end Developer, Product Designer, Consultant, Programming Lover

How my life is going on?

Life is full of beauty, and I'm constantly striving to uncover it. I'm eager to explore the physical and spiritual corners of our world, in the hopes of gaining new knowledge that can be used to create something better and more enjoyable. I'm thrilled when I see people benefitting from my accomplishments, and I'm always on the lookout for unique, unexpected opportunities that I can develop and bring into my life and the lives of others

What I'm doing and gonna do?

I'm a self-taught client and server-side developer, specializing in single-page web applications and utilizing cutting-edge technologies. I'm an innovative and enthusiastic Product and UI/UX Designer, capable of creating cross-platform apps and experiences. My vast technical knowledge and strong imaginative skills allow me to come up with better features, solve more problems, pay greater attention to detail, and design products that deliver an exceptional user experience. I'm comfortable with taking part in the full design and development process, from conceptualizing product features, determining the target audience, creating wireframes and prototypes, designing the UI, to finally releasing the product.

A programmer or a designer!?

Since the outset of my career in the IT industry, my goal has always been to acquire as much knowledge as possible, push myself, and create things I can be proud of. This is why I don't restrict myself to just programming, designing, or any other skill set. I have learned everything I know on the job, under extreme work conditions, and will continue to do so. I'm proficient in design, front-end coding, product requirements, solving Linux web server problems, and more. Instead of perceiving obstacles, I see opportunities.

Where do i see myself after a few years?

I have big aspirations. It's that simple. I have the potential and ideas to fulfill them and I'm determined to make them a reality. I may not have a fancy degree or a recognizable brand on my resume, but I have the drive, ambition, work ethic, and talent to excel in what I do. My ideal situation would be to be working on a great product, leveraging my creativity, marketing ideas, innovation, and technical knowledge to add value. Or, I might choose to take the plunge and start up one of my own ideas, and make a positive change little by little.